Dataverse chat animals

Hello! To chat with Dataverse users and developers, please join us in Zulip!

Before signing up, you are welcome to browse the archive of messages, especially the hello, I'm new here topic.

More Information is the landing page for Dataverse Chat, but the conversation happens in our instance of Zulip at

For more on Zulip, please see, Zulip on Wikipedia, our issue about switching from IRC to Matrix to Zulip, an interview with the founder, and our zulip stream (where we talk about Zulip itself).

Matrix has been a nice home ever since we had to quickly get off IRC, but it probably doesn't make sense to keep both Matrix and Zulip.

Your ideas about chat are welcome! Please give feedback in the zulip stream or open an issue.

Artwork by Erika Durbin.